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First and foremost, I want to extend my condolences for your loss. I know that the last several months hasn't been easy. Thank you for still showcasing your layout and the additions you have added to it. I'm sure in many ways it has been therapeutic as this hobby can be for many of us. Your videos are always fun and your enthusiasm always shows. The Atlantic looks like a good model. Look forward to your layout updates.


Dave, thank you for your condolences.  It has been a very difficult year.   I lost my mom last August.   Within the same year I've started my new layout, spent more on trains than the previous 5, and doubled my Youtube subscribers.   So yeah, model trains have helped me cope with losses in way that was constructive, not destructive.   Sharing the hobby with you guys and getting positive feedback has been especially helpful.   Although neither of my parents saw my new layout under construction they both enjoyed watching my videos.   My mom warmly recalled that her Dad was a Conductor on the Texas & Pacific.   My Dad recalled taking the train to build P51's in California and to law school in Denver.   They were both supportive of my hobby.   They also helped me realize that there isn't always a tomorrow and to "Carpe Diem".   Last night I started removing and boxing the trains on my layout in advance of reconfiguring for extension.   I plan to have benchwork done by July, running by August.

@William 1 posted:

That is going to be a masterpiece.  Can’t wait to see your downtown.  Need a hoosegow haha.  Harper’s Ferry is a cool place with a cool history, I like it!

Ok, Hoosegow?   Will check out next time I visit Harpers Ferry.   Town will look better than on my previous layout.   Its and extra challenge to try to model actual locations in O.   All backdrops are made from photos I took in the area.   Planning to include the Shenandoah sub trestle.  Hopefully I'll do it justice....

That is the coolest layout I have seen,  I love the concept as I’ve said, the track plan is amazing as shown by how many trains you can run at once, how fun is that!  but man, the way you used the backdrop behind the bridge to really make that scene, that took vision and you nailed it.  Crazy good modeling.

I had a contract to build a layout for a town that was renovating their original train depot.  It was a sweet deal, I was going to try and replicate the town as it was when the station was in operation so I did some research.  Besides a church with a big steeple that still stands, one note was about the hoosegow in town.  The front was the post office and the jail was in the back.  So I guess I still want to build that model haha.  

Awesome layout, going to be amazing with the expansion.  Keep going!

My Lionel Legacy #1309 2-6-6-2 arrived before I could start my Cumberland Western Maryland extension.   But just in time for Fathers Day.  Check out my video comparing it to an older TMCC C&O model.   Are the additional Legacy features worth the $1k price difference?   I think so since now I have a model of an engine that I can ride behind in Cumberland, MD.

A fantastic engine, Ken! It's a great Father's Day present. I like that Fireball logo on the WM #1309 and caboose. Legacy is a great control system. I have the #990 Set/Cab-2, and I love it. Plus, I've got the Base-3 on its way pretty soon. Will you be getting the Base-3, too? That would allow you to get all the features out of your Legacy WM #1309 and other Legacy locos.

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