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Some added pictures from our last open house:

Bud and Frank getting prepared for the open house stretching their legs and tongues!

Your President talking things over with the layout master, Bud.


James running the S gauge making sure it all runs well.

Dennis showing the remote to a guest. This was the start of a huge crowd we had on Sunday.


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This past Tuesday, we had a Boy Scout Troop and a Cub Scout Pack visit our club.  All were interested and had a good time.  Hopefully they'll be able use the visit to obtain their model railroad pins.

At least two parents and their kids were interested in trains.  One came with a large scale Aristo-Craft FA.  It had been bought for his son by his grandmother.  The had no track and several tons of questions.  Tried to answer them but there is a lot to learn.  (BTW - my sister got me my first large scale engine - w/o track too - but that's another story).  The other showed pics of their Christmas layout and were interested in expanding.  Also, they were using tubular track and were asking where to buy it.

Here're a few pix.

Brought my theme train.

2024-06-18 0012024-06-18 002


2024-06-18 0042024-06-18 0052024-06-18 0062024-06-18 0072024-06-18 0082024-06-18 009


2024-06-18 0112024-06-18 012

George distributed attendance certificates to each scout with their name imprinted.

2024-06-18 013

Ted handed out HO cabooses to all the scouts.

2024-06-18 015

2024-06-18 018


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Bud, that’s great, except for the one who was in the accident.  As with any troop, we only could earn badges for topics that we had individuals to sponsor.  Thats great you have more events in the works.  I only made it to Life not Eagle.  Our long time scoutmaster retired and we were in disarray twice looking for a new scoutmaster.  Regardless, I learned many life lessons that were more valuable than a badge on a shirt pocket.

So… about a week ago I caught Bud working on the S gauge portion of our layout. He was making his measurements to be exactly perfect and not a centimeter off! The S gauge is moving along with the spur in the background almost ready to be extended.
17392567-F501-4FD7-A8BC-BBE6FDD472ADAC5D8761-9B7C-41E3-AE69-8282B73D1790That is James looking over the spur that will be extended past the bridge and next to the extended trestle over the O gauge track.


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