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We are selling metal railing for upper level tracks.  Screw railing to 1/2" plywood on either side to make a very sturdy upper level.  Supports needed only, approximately, every 8 feet.  We also sell metal supports.  Our website is  We can also be found on Ebay and Etsy.



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  • 20240422_154909: Metal railing, 3" high
  • 20240422_154848: Railing comes in a roll, can be cut to any length
  • 20240422_155848: Example on our layout
  • 20240422_155012: Support options, made from 1/2" metal tubing
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I purchased this steel rail to use on curves on my layout in process of rebuilding. it is excellent in my opinion as being made of good quality at a decent price. It also has an above and below appearance which I like, and is easy to install. only drawback was I somehow missed mr Clouse at york. But he has fast shipping and a pleasure to deal with. Thank you.

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This product looks great, and I'm planning to place an order.

Yes, I could probably make something that would work, but it would take a lot of time and wouldn't look nearly as good as this, so I will part with some $$, support a small business that serves our hobby, and get a better end-product. This is right up there with my aluminum shelves and Mianne benchwork, both of which are IMO superior products that have afforded me more time to work on my layout and enjoy my trains.

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