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Good morning FEFers.  Here is my Weaver Pennsy H10.  I really like the detail!

Weaver 2-8-0 [3)

There were a total of 441 H10s steamers on Pennsy's roster.  However, only 273 were built new as a H10.  162 were rebuilt H8 steamers, and 6 were rebuilt H9.

The Weaver model has Cab Number 8421.  8421 was built as a H10s in 1915 and scrapped in 1949.


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  • Weaver 2-8-0 (3)

Happy FEF everyone!

Some stills from my YouTube channel.  A duo of FEC GE ES44C4 locomotives (#812 and #809) leading a mixed consist of 158 cars southbound through the NE 3rd Avenue/Flagler Drive railroad crossing in Fort Lauderdale on August 11, 2016.  At the time, there were only 2 tracks at the crossing at the Brightline expansion hadn't started yet.

FEC at Fort Lauderdale [8.11.16) AFEC at Fort Lauderdale [8.11.16) BFEC at Fort Lauderdale [8.11.16) CFEC at Fort Lauderdale [8.11.16) DFEC at Fort Lauderdale [8.11.16) E




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  • FEC at Fort Lauderdale (8.11.16) A
  • FEC at Fort Lauderdale (8.11.16) B
  • FEC at Fort Lauderdale (8.11.16) C
  • FEC at Fort Lauderdale (8.11.16) D
  • FEC at Fort Lauderdale (8.11.16) E
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Amfleet251124 thanks for the pictures of the FEC, I always loved that livery.  I am going to follow along with the "real" trains photo's today, although I admit that "real" may be stretching it a little.  This is the Disney "Jungle Express" from Animal Land in Disney World Park in the summer of 2018.  Its a real locomotive in the sense that it pulls the train and sounds like steam but I am not sure that it really is steam powered.  It is a really neat illusion anyway.

So here is a "front end" as they say..."only a Mother could love!"  Being from Texas, I get the cow horns on the front.

Disney Jungle Express 1

Hers is a picture that shows just a little bit more of the engine.  Fun ride anyway even if its just pretend.

Disney Jungle Express 2

Happy F.E.F everyone



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  • Disney Jungle Express 1
  • Disney Jungle Express 2

How about a pair of Postwar FA’s on my Super O layout!

Rich, I like the use of the Super O track.

Here is my entry for this week. Two photos of my N Scale Amtrak Acela that I took prior to my N Scale dispersal last year.  It was a difficult decision leaving N especially to concentrate on O because of the acres of space I had to work with on the train table, but I know it was the right decision.  I may buy an N Scale RTR Set or two in the future so that I can run on the my club's N layout just to get my fix.

20191123_064747 [1)20191123_064750

Happy Front End Friday 


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  • 20191123_064747 (1)
  • 20191123_064750

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