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I had my Lionel J1a down so here are some pics for FEF. The doodle bug is a 3rd Rail Gas Electric.

DSC_0026-1 [2)DSC_0029-1

Interesting fact:  The J1 and J1a were the same except the J1a had a much heaver frame made of cast steel due to wartime restrictions (used less steel).  The build profile was 25 J1, 60 J1a, then another 40 J1 after the restriction was lifted.  None were saved.

J1a #6496 was built in the Juniata shops in 1943 and retired in April 1958.

Have a safe and fun FEF.


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PENNSY M1a at the RR Museum of Pennsylvania back in Sept. of 77' when it was in better shape. Sad to say it is still displayed outdoors. 

                                                                     MY PHOTOS 


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Happy F.E.F fellows:  Here are a couple of "odd ones" just for fun

The Hafner 2000, typically from the late 50's.  CW motor, electric head light which used a "D" battery for power, it is stored under the boiler front. 

Hafner Steamer

Unique Lines CW freight set also form 50's.  This was the competitor that Marx really feared.  Legend has it that this company caused Marx to initiate his 7" "scale" cars and the fabulous #21 lithographed Santa Fe F-3.

Unique LInes1

Have a great weekend everyone.  Regards



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@SLQ32 posted:

Sorry for the dark video

New Lights and Optic Lenses Installed 

Seeing spots now 😂 

📸😉 One trick you can use and still achieve a night shot video is use a small LED light facing the direction of the train as it approaches the camera.  You can also use a lamp with a 40 watt bulb with a piece of blue cellophane paper in front of the bulb, or use a blue outdoor bulb pointed straight up over the layout.  You will get good results, and your videos will be  more distinguishable ...😀👀  

Quarter Gauger 48, I love your scene with the Observation Car, and the observers, Cool scene. Your people figures look so realistic, where do you purchase them. Don Winslow, great NYC Diesel, I love that color scheme with the lightning stripe, zebra colors on the front of the trucks. Wow. Trumptrain, Fantastic video and nice layout, Rjsmithindy beautiful locomotive on a neat layout. Sidehack, beautiful pictures on your nice layout. Your scenic detailing is awesome, Everyone have a great rest of the weekend, stay safe, stay healthy, pray continually... Happy Railroading 60B15956-265F-4C96-B21B-D35547F8270E0A62A35A-E119-4AE2-8FDE-36E1F4D8C0F48206169C-3BD5-4B80-9A79-1E574B188C3F


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In an earlier post we discussed Penny's Mikados, so I brought out mine.  There were two, the Pennsy designed L1 (on right) and the L2s, a USRA designed light Mikado (on left).  The 574 L1s engines lasted to the end of steam.  The Pennsy bought 38 L2 engines under WW1 wartime restrictions and sold most of them as soon as they could.  The five that they kept lasted until 1950.

DSC_0059 [2)DSC_0060 [2)DSC_0061 [2)

The L1s is 3rd Rail, the L2s is K-Line.


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Happy F.E.F. fellows...well here I am again interrupting this fabulous display of steam with "diesels" Oh My!  not only that but Marx!! diesels.  Oh well, just for a smile then, here is one of the best known "fallen flags" the MONON. 

Here is the front view of the Marx MONON FM AA units (they also made a "B" but alas I don't have it) running light (with caboose of course, this is 1950's) on the Leonardtown and Savannah.  What MONON might be doing in southern Ga is left to our imagination.

Marx Monon FM- front 2

Here is a bit of a side view of the loco, made by Marx in '55-'56 and again '58-'59 so she is 61 to 65 years old.  Is it still running you ask?  Well its MARX what do you think...of course its still running!

Marx Monon FM- side

In the 50's every train had a caboose even a light engine move.  So here she is with the MARX C-350 MONON 8-wheel caboose in red (they also came in brown but don't look near as good to me with the MONON paint scheme)

Marc Monon FM with caboose

Well Happy F.E.F fellows, I can report another week without COVID -19 and things are beginning to look like we might actually have a reasonably normal summer, Praise God!



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  • Marx Monon FM- front 2
  • Marx Monon FM- side
  • Marc Monon FM with caboose

Don Mcerlean, neat diesels, Marx was a big player in the market in the 1950’s, your collection of post war and pre war electric trains are so cool, Trumptrain, great lineup of motive power, neat pictures, Randy Harrison, Cool pictures, neat steamers, great outdoors setting, CAPPilot, beautiful Pennsy Steamers, there’s a lot of variation in what we collect which makes this particular thread so interesting. All electric trains are fun. Have a great weekend, stay safe, stay healthy, pray continually. Happy Railroading 69A889C3-BEEA-4EBD-A09D-C05856A7DC6C304A73B6-8161-4030-A42A-CA9FC76A4A43A7FCA631-3A33-4649-BE94-8796AEDF87CE


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