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A little late for an FEF post, but been busy with Veterans Day events.

Here ia a shot taken a while ago of a couple of Pennsy's numerous B-type switchers.

Switcher Saturday pics 008

On the left is a K-Line B6 and on the right is an AtlasO B28.

The first B1 showed up in 1869, with B2-5 made through 1893.  The B6 came along in 1902 with the last one built in 1916.  B-types ranged from B1 through B8, and B21 through B35.  The only ones to make it to the end of steam were some B6sa/B6sb engines, and maybe some B8s rebuilt into tank engines.

One reason for the late post was supporting my cadets at an Old Glory flag ceremony at American Legion Post 170, MD.



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@coach joe posted:

Front ends of the O gauge automotive kind.IMG_1353IMG_1355IMG_1356

Good looking front ends Joe.

Do you have any of those rail inspection trucks from Lionel like the Ford or Dodge trucks with lights ?   

I've seen them advertised but I didn't know how they would work on the DCS/ TIU variable outlets with MTH ps2 and ps3 engines setting on a yard.    I don't have a yard cutoff from the mainline.

Have a great weekend.

Well F.E.F. fans I am a little pressed for time this morning because of some early medical appointments for my wife.  So here is a small display of prior posts (I believe) and hope you enjoy them anyway.  Best wishes.

An American Flyer Champion locomotive from the 1930's

AF Champion Set -loco only

A Japanese tank switcher (NYC) from the 1960's . Battery powered with 2 "D" batteries that go in the boiler.

Alps NYC Tank front view edited

The loco for the Cragstan "Shuttle train" (a back and forth toy that ran on a metal base with pressed in track).  It works fine including (which you can only see the flag) a brakeman who waves his flag when the loco moves.

Craigstan Front

Well friends, those are my "front ends" for today.  Best wishes for a great weekend.  Happy Thanksgiving!



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  • Alps NYC Tank front view edited
  • Craigstan Front

The CN Mountain steamer approaches the South Main Street crossing at the same time as last week...only this week the snow is flying, with a forecast of 3 to 4 feet accumulation from the first storm of the season coming off the lake...stay tuned...  The Chrysler Windsor wagon waits patiently for the steamer to pass...


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Front End Fri 11 Vid
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Hey Larry, I know that SW2! ;-) Who made that Fairbanks-Morse model, super detail, especially the trucks?! They should have nicknamed FM's U-boats since the engines were originally designed for U.S. submarines in WWII. Unfortunately, the horizontally opposed engine didn't work out so well in locomotives. One day I'll find a Southern Pacific FM for my layout. I remember FM's and GP9's on the Southern Pacific San Francisco to San Jose commuter trains when I was a youngin'.

Anyway, off subject there!

Here's my FeF caught in the fall morning sun today.

Lionel Western Pacific 485 GS-64.

Lionel Southern Pacific F7's Black Widows.

Happy Friday Everyone!


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