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FOR TODAY:  A "twofer"

Brakeman Gordy Gustin stands on the short hood deck of a Washington Terminal RS1 as it slowly drags a cut of hoppers west bound toward the Westend section of Patsburg.


A fabulous day to go hiking! ...   With a terrific view of Mount Randolph, hikers Skippy and Shivers have conquered the steep and rigorous trail leading up the mountain to the Free State Junction Railway's Mountain Division.  Rail fan hikers always love the surprises they find once they have reached this point, known as Danlilu on the Mountain Division.   Today these young rail fans find a Central of Vermont reefer set out on the team track.  A crew of men are hard at work moving crates and barrels and a B&O Docksider pulls a short string of freight cars on the Mountain Division mainline.  Now that school is out these two young rail fans plan to spend the next couple months exploring the rails in and around Patsburg.   Good times!!



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FOR TODAY:  School is out!!  Day two of freedom from teachers and homework ... Skippy and Shivers explore an old overgrown track behind a dilapidated switch tower.  The old dirt road leading to the track was also overgrown somewhat and obviously had not been traveled for years.    At one point they stopped peddling their bikes to let a rattle snake slither across the road.  Once the snake was out of sight they mounted their Schwinn and Huffy bikes and continued up the steep grade to the top.  

Once at the top their eyes widened in total disbelief!  " Woooweee!!" both boys simultaneously exclaimed.  " An old steam locomotive that probably hasn't been steamed up for decades! I wonder what the story is behind this old steamer?" Skippy excitedly yells.  "I'm going in for a closer look" says Shivers.  


Shivers checks out the locomotive up close as a ground hog curiously checks out Shivers.


While standing in the shade of a huge oak tree the boys can't believe their eyes!!  "Wow Shivers!  I'm sure glad that old Zeke from down at the round house told us about this old abandon dirt road and what might be at the end of it.  We done struck a pot of gold!!" " You got that right Skip!  We better get the engine number.  It's a good chance that Zeke may have worked on it back in the steam day."  Shaking his head up and down Skippy adds " I wonder who else may know something about this old engine?  Except for Zeke most of those old steam guys are gone.  Let's be sure to visit Zeke at the round house tomorrow!  Let's make sure to head over there first thing in the morning and bring old Zeke some coffee too.  You know how he gets to talkin and tellin all those great stories when he drinks coffee."   Shivers who hasn't taken his eyes off this old treasure before him and now smiling from ear to ear says  " Yep! We know how he likes his coffee too.   I can hear him sayin it now in his slow drawl  ' Don't like my coffee fancified.  No cream .. no sugar..  just straight up strong and black'.  Lets stop at Mauds' Diner tomorrow morning on the way over cause he really like their coffee!"   Skippy now also grinning chimes in " I think he has a thing for Maud.  Ever notice how often he eats there.  He says Maud always gives him a big serving of the meat loaf special.  You know there's a rumor around town about how they used to be an item back in the day."



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FOR TODAY:  On the service track ... a B&O GP9 is being given the once over by the engine service crew.  The sand bins are full and the tank is topped off!  Now coal or water for this guy.  Switch tender Loakie Dillard will soon itch the throw the switch so the engine can move to the ready track.  ... just another day on the railroad.   IMG_5737IMG_5734IMG_5735


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Great photos guys!

You know you can come to this page and really see the Insite of each of your layouts with the photos you share! I am so grateful that you all share what you have with the rest of us! I know it gives me something to dream about as I hope to start my next layout this winter I HOPE! LOL

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